PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A new report shows that the rate of construction for new tech facilities in Hillsboro is leading the nation.

More data centers are being built in the city than nearly anywhere else, which comes as money from the state will be enticing semiconductor manufacturers to the area as well.

It’s a balance of resources, from electricity to land. But locals say that keeping the charm of Hillsboro is important to maintain.

The report is from commercial real estate firm CBRE and shows Hillsboro is just behind Dallas, Tex. and the entire region of northern Virginia in the construction of new data centers for the first half of this year.

Since 2020, Hillsboro’s growth of primary data centers is up 78%. These facilities are server hubs, where data from various companies is stored.

The substantial growth comes with a need for a lot of electricity and the report notes that the draw for companies is the affordability of Hillsboro.

“We’ve got to understand our capacity. We’ve got to understand what the plusses and minuses are for expansion of any of our resources, including electricity and we always put it through the filter of environment right now because we know that’s important,” said Rep. Susan McClain (D-Hillsboro).

The CHIPS and Science Act is separate from this growth. That money will go to entice semiconductor and microchip manufacturers, meaning there will be competition for those resources.

“I guess it’s OK, but I don’t want them taking over the city, I want to keep this nice family-oriented city where you do a lot of family things. That’s more important at this point,” said Hillsboro resident Kathy Thorne.

The report takes a look over the next five years in Hillsboro as well, with CBRE Senior Associate Haakon Weinstein saying that “while demand doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, supply will as more is bought up and developed on in the current market.”