PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – An exclusive series of KOIN 6 News investigations into Washington County’s top elected official has resulted in the release of an internal investigation into whether she mistreated employees.

Washington County hired an outside lawyer who interviewed 20 employees about how County Chair Kathryn Harrington treats them

One employee told the investigator Harrington is “unpredictably volatile” and is a “Jekyll and Hyde”.

Another reported Harrington engaged in “maniacal screaming that escalated to abuse.”

An additional employee described Harrington’s behavior as “trauma, fear-based, ‘Devil Wears Prada’ behaviors that put everyone on alert.”

The conclusion of the report was redacted because the county cited attorney client privilege.
But earlier this month, commissioners Roy Rogers and Jerry Willey told KOIN 6 News exclusively what it said.

“She engaged in workplace harassment that was abusive, disruptive, unprofessional, and created a work environment that was not civil or respectful of county employees. Pretty clear,” Willey said.

Harrington has declined KOIN 6 News’ requests for interviews.

Earlier this month, she released a statement saying, in part, “I take no comfort in hurting anyone’s feelings. I’m truly sorry that I’ve done that. This summary includes observations and sentiments that I have not previously had the benefit of hearing.”

Harrington added “I am grateful to know of this and to have the opportunity to evolve as a human, working on progress moving forward.”