PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Responding to 911 calls all day can really suck the life out of you — and that may be how Washington County deputies feel after a recent call.

Deputies said they received a report from a housesitter that “someone” was in the bathroom and had the door locked. The caller reported seeing shadows under the door.

Within a minute, deputies began responding to the house. Soon enough, the house was surrounded and a K-9 unit was requested as they heard noises from the bathroom.

Deputies then entered the house where they continued to hear rustling in the bathroom. Despite several announcements from authorities, the noise continued.

Then, deputies entered the bathroom with their guns drawn and found…a “very thorough vacuuming job.”

Turns out, the suspect was a Roomba vacuum cleaner just doing its job.

What can you expect?

Vacuums have a hose for trouble…