PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Ian Tunger, 55, was arrested and taken to a hospital Saturday after a mental health crisis led to a “lengthy standoff” with authorities in Hillsboro.

According to court records, Tunger has lived with schizophrenia for years.

Conservatorship court documents revealed that Tunger’s sister worked to become his guardian and was trying to get him help — when police said he opened fire on the unarmed, private mental health team who tried to take him to treatment.

The mental health workers fled and called 911, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Hillsboro police surrounded the house located on Northeast Croeni Avenue between Five Oaks and Wagon Drives. Two negotiations teams with WCSO attempted to de-escalate the situation, police said.

Police spent 30 hours trying to get him to leave his house and surrender before negotiations proved fruitless — with Tunger shooting twice at police behind armored cars, WCSO said.

SWAT teams from across Oregon responded to assist local officers. Police had to bring a bullet proof shield and vehicle all the way from Eugene to get to Tunger on the second floor of his house.

“They were able to insert CS gas into the home where the individual was and he shot at our deputies,” said Sgt. Danny DiPietro with WCSO. “At that time, they continued to try to communicate with this individual throughout the entire standoff, or deputies tried very unique tactics to try to get this individual to come out peacefully.”

Law enforcement then deferred to mental health professionals and doctors for “creative strategies” including playing his favorite classical music and messages from his family over a loudspeaker, deputies said.

Police said they were able to reach a peaceful resolution. Tunger was ultimately arrested and taken to a hospital Saturday afternoon.

He appeared in court Tuesday and is facing several charges.