PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The driver of a minivan was arrested and charged with DUII and reckless driving Friday after she drove her minivan through a barbershop in Aloha, deputies said.

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the crash happened around 1:30 p.m. Friday near the corner of Southwest 209th Avenue and Tualatin Valley Highway.

Photos shared by WCSO on Twitter show the minivan broke through the exterior glass wall of Empyre Barbers in Aloha after a woman drove over a curb and straight into the shop.

Workers have boarded up the barbershop and cleanup is done for now. Employees and customers said it was quite the shock when the driver crashed through the business.

“It definitely got my heart pumping and the adrenaline rushing,” customer Joe McSweeney said. 

“Luckily the barber, who’s chair was next me, was on lunch because that chair got hit and it landed inches away from us and luckily me and the barber we jumped back,” McSweeney noted.
McSweeney was in the middle of a haircut when the van barreled in. 

“She was finishing up my haircut, shaving up my neckline when all of a sudden, just the car, the minivan, crashed into the wall,” McSweeney explained.  

“Heard initial noise from, I’m guessing, the van hitting the curb and then all of a sudden, maybe a split second after that the van comes running through,” barber Shawn Saechao said.

Saechao was also working on a client’s hair at the time. 

“Mid-cut, there was a client sitting right here, luckily he didn’t get hurt,” Saechao said.

Barber Amanda Swenson was in the breakroom when the crash occurred and initially thought the sound of breaking glass was pictures falling off the wall. 

“I go out and see a car, and I was like, what the heck, like my mind couldn’t process it,” Swenson said.

Barbers and customers say the woman appeared to try to accelerate again while she was inside the building. 

“I ran back into the break room because it would have came straight for me,” Swenson said.

“I don’t know if they were trying to get out of the shop or whatever they were trying to do but there was acceleration,” Saechao explained.

Employees and customers talked the woman into taking her foot off the gas.

“I was freaking out, I was shaking, I’ve never seen that before,” Swenson said.

“She’s lucky that nobody got hurt and she didn’t kill anyone or anyone like that,” McSweeney said.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded and arrested the driver, who is facing several charges including DUII and reckless endangering.