PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – A few hundred students walked out at Mountainside High School in Beaverton in support of abortion rights on Friday.

The protest was led by students, although administrators were monitoring for security purposes. 

In a statement, MHS principal Todd Corsetti explained the walkout was in response to the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion of Roe v. Wade, which suggested the court may overturn the 1973 decision.

“This was not a school-sponsored event; however, students have the right to peacefully protest, and it is our responsibility to keep all students safe,” Corsetti said.

The principal said during the walkout, there was also a counter-protest.

“Our staff members did their best to diffuse the situation; however, a verbal and physical interaction occurred. As the lunch period ended, students returned to school, and the day’s schedule resumed. For those students who physically engaged with the opposing student, we will follow up with appropriate school consequences in line with district policy.”

Corsetti added “at Mountainside, we appreciate our diversity, including diversity of thought and opinion.”