Red light camera citations begin at Tigard intersection

Washington County

The tickets are $265 each

PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Tuesday marks the start of when officers begin officially issuing tickets for red light violations here at the intersection of Southwest Hall Boulevard and Pacific Highway.

For the past 30 days, police would just warn drivers without issuing a ticket.Now if you’re caught running a red light, you will get a ticket with a photo of your vehicle running the light along with a link to a video of the incident.

The tickets are $265 each, the base fine set by the state of Oregon. This is one of three red light camera in the area, the other two are on Southwest Pacific Highway as well, but located at the 72nd Avenue and Durham Road intersections.

The system is predictive with a radar monitoring cars speed. If a car is going too fast, the camera will start recording. As soon as the system realizes a car can’t make it through, it will begin flashing. The cameras are monitoring all approaches in every direction. If the light is green for you and you think it’s improperly flashing, it’s likely someone else is rolling through a red light.

Even with an automatic flash, there are still layers to the approval process. Citations don’t get sent out automatically, an officer will review it first. Police said the light has to be fully red for one tenth of a second before the car enters the intersection for it to be considered a violation. A contractor reviews all of the recordings and police get about 20% of the total cases to review. So far, they’re citing about 10%.

Police said in the future the cameras could issue tickets for speeding, as well. Tigard PD said that will likely roll out later this summer and will also include a month-long warning period.

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