PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Washington County is facing a budget crisis that will affect the services that taxpayers receive.

Monday was the deadline for department heads to turn in three different budget cut scenarios of 4%, 7% and 10%.

At their current service levels, the county needs to spend nearly $360 million in the next fiscal year in its general budget, which would put them at least $25 million, or 7%, in the hole.

The departments that have to submit budget-cut proposals include the Washington County Sheriff and District Attorney.

Part of the shortfall is the cost of doing business is outpacing taxes. Another factor is declining or expiring special tax rates that were negotiated with Intel and Genentech.

In 2023 the county had to make emergency changes to the budget to deal with a gap of over $31 million. They also talked about shortages of at least $20 million every year going forward.

But the county says it’s looking to make long-term budget changes to get revenue and expenses in line. County commissioners will be presented with a way to balance the budget in late April.