PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — This Father’s Day weekend, the Oregon Convention Center is being turned into what organizers are calling the “Disneyland” of northwest sports.

90,000 square feet of the center will be jam-packed with activities, merchandising booths and meet-and-greets with local athletes.

Attendees can shoot hoops on the Portland Trail Blazer’s hardwood, do drills on the Timber’s indoor pitch. Or they can buy, sell or trade old sports cards in the Worlds of Sport card zone.

A floor map of the Worlds of Sport for its Father’s Day weekend event in June 2022.

Sports-writer John Canzano said the event will also benefit local non-profits.

“Really it’s just a celebration of all things sport,” Canzano said. “It’s fans its athletes, it’s the teams that the fans love, and the athletes all under one roof and sort of celebrating that experience together.”

Some of the big names coming to the convention center include University of Oregon’s Keith Brown and Daley McClellan, Oregon State University’s Jaydon Grant, former NFL players Anthony Newman and Alex Molden, Keanon Lowe, and Thorns foreward Morgan Weaver.

Tickets for this Saturday and Sunday are on sale at Worlds of Sport website.