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KOIN 6 News App

Enjoy rich interactive features, like full-screen video and a mobile-friendly interactive radar, all from the experienced local news team you trust. All the features you love about are optimized for your device, including:

  • Customized home screen with the latest news from the Portland area
  • Customized push alerts for breaking news, traffic, weather and more
  • In-depth stories
  • In-depth stories and photo galleries
  • Interactive radar with FutureCast
  • Weather forecasts directly from our award-winning weather team
  • Videos and photo galleries, from local news to international
  • Newscast and event live streams
  • Updated continuously — no waiting for refreshes

Download the free KOIN 6 News app for iOS and Google Play.

KOIN 6 PDX Weather App

Never let Oregon’s weather catch you by surprise again with the KOIN 6 PDX Weather app. The PDX Weather app from the KOIN 6 Weather team is watching out for you with the most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and for the week ahead. Unlike other weather apps, the PDX Weather app gives you a local weather forecast that is customized for you. Download the PDX Weather app for numerous weather features, including:

  • Live interactive radar with many layering options lets you track the storms around you
  • Alerts for severe weather go to your home screen and cue an audio alert
  • The most accurate hour-by-hour forecast for the next day and week ahead for Oregon
  • The latest video forecast from KOIN 6 Weather
  • Current weather conditions for Portland, Oregon and anywhere in the United States
  • Multiple custom locations to track forecasts, alerts, radar, and more
  • Closings and delays for Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas
  • Weather blog from the KOIN 6 Weather Team
  • News and weather headlines from KOIN 6 News
  • Live streaming video from KOIN 6 News

Download the free KOIN 6 PDX Weather app for iOS and Google Play.

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