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Jennifer Hoff, KOIN 6 Anchor

Jennifer Hoff is the main co-anchor with Jeff Gianola for KOIN 6 News.

Previously, Jennifer worked at WISC in Madison, Wisconsin. She also served as a reporter and anchor in Lexington, Kentucky and Rochester, Minnesota.

In Wisconsin, Jennifer uncovered the state’s unregulated rafting industry and her investigation prompted the Menominee Indian Tribe to enact first-of-its-kind legislation to ensure safety on the river.

She also created an award-winning cold case crime series that led to an arrest in a decade-old murder. Jennifer has also won Eric Sevareid and Associated Press awards, as well as Emmy nominations.

Her other journalistic credits include covering the University of Wisconsin Badger’s football team’s 2013 Rose Bowl appearance, the basketball team’s 2013 NCAA tournament run and Washington, D.C. trip with veterans to cover the Badger Honor flight. She was also the only reporter to interview Lexington’s most infamous parent-killer in jail. Jennifer also contributed to reports about Minnesota’s 35W bridge collapse and the 2008 deadly floods there.

Jennifer earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in journalism from the University of Minnesota.

In her spare time, she enjoys running, reading, blogging and spending time with her husband, Mike, and her dogs, Buddy and Sadie. You can follow her at @JennHoffKOIN6 or on Facebook at Jennifer Hoff KOIN TV.

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