Bio warfare lab built in Nevada to see if US sensors could detect it

Mystery Wire

MYSTERY WIRE — Fear generated by the global outbreak of coronavirus has led to wild conspiracy theories as well as legitimate concerns.

Several conspiracy sites have claimed coronavirus is a biological wepon, unleashed on the public either by accident or on purpose.

That prospect has been studied by the US military for decades. The big question is, could our sensors detect a bio lab if one was operating in a clandestine location? One such lab was created in the desert, using equipment purchased over the counter. How tough would it be for us to find it?

According to John Alexander, a retired U.S. Army intelligence colonel, “The signatures are relatively difficult to detect. However, if you know where you’re looking, we have sensor systems now that can get down in effluence in parts per billion.”

An inside look at a bioweapons lab that was never supposed to be seen by the public, and what it was capable of producing. An exclusive report on

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