Bits of truth reside in documents on Project Blue Book, other UFO programs

Mystery Wire

MYSTERY WIRE — It’s now been 50 years since the Air Force shut down Project Blue Book, its much-maligned study of UFOs.

In the decades since, the UFO question has refused to go away. And the original documents from Blue Book and other formerly classified programs have since been made public. When the Air Force canceled Blue Book, it did so because it said there was no real evidence of any threat to national security.

“None of the evidence that I have examined would indicate any proof at all that we are being visited by extraterrestrials,” said Dr. Allen Hynek of Project Blue Book.

Harold Brown, Secretary of the Air Force, said, “We have not been hiding anything. The investigations have been made public.”

But a careful reading of the now-public documents shows the military hasn’t always been honest in its statements about UFOs.

What does the paper trail of UFO documents tell us about a possible coverup? Check out our report on

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