Famous Brazilian musician came for Area 51 – pandemic left him stuck in Las Vegas

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MYSTERY WIRE — Nevada’s Area 51 military base has inspired movies, books, and  consumer products. Now it is the source material for a rock album produced by an enduring band with a cult-like following.

Sergio Dias is a co-founder of Os Mutantes, a hugely influential Brazilian band that has toured the world since the 60’s.

The band was on  the forefront of a musical movement called tropicalism, a mix of psychedelic rock and Brazilian influences. Think of os mutantes as the Grateful Dead of Brazil, with passionate fans worldwide.

Among their biggest supporters are Beck, David Byrne, and the Flaming Lips.

The new album , Zyzzyx, was inspired by stories about aliens and Area 51 during a road trip from L.A. “I don’t remember if it was exactly the Z z y z x, but it was one of the entrances for Area 51 and we saw the ad, the thing and say, ‘okay, use of deadly force permitted,’ to know this, which was Whoa.” Sergio Dias told Mystery Wire recently, “And we always knew that about you know, I mean UFOs and all this, this is what it’s all about, mutantes. .That’s what we all are. We are mutants.”

Listen to some of Os Mutantes new music.

Sergio’s interest in southern Nevada led him to move there, and now with the virus, he’s pretty much isolated. Other band members and family are in Europe or Brazil.

WANT MORE? Click here to listen to Os Mutantes

The musical juncture of mutants, aliens, and Area 51. An exclusive interview on MYSTERYWIRE.COM

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