MYSTERY WIRE — A new movie about the murder of Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa was viewed 26 million times in its first few weeks, according to Netflix.

The new Martin Scorcese film “The Irishman” is based on claims by an admitted Mafia hitman named Frank Sheeran. But what’s the real story?

Scorcese’s epic film “The Irishman” has rekindled the debate about what happened to labor leader Jimmy Hoffa.

As president of the Teamsters, Hoffa wielded enormous power. But he was beholden to the mob.

Long before the movie “The Irishman,” we told the story of admitted hitman Frank Sheeran, who claimed he pulled the trigger when Hoffa was killed in 1975.

Is Sheeran telling the truth about Jimmy Hoffa’s death? And if so, what happened to the body?

See the real-life people who inspired the movie, and what evidence supports this version about on of the most famous crimes of all time. The reports are exclusively on