MYSTERY WIRE Are psychic abilities real, and if so, can they be measured? Yes to both questions, says Dr. Dean Radin.

For decades, the Department of Defense sponsored secret studies of psychic phenomena in hopes of training an elite team of psychic soldiers. Officially, the program was canceled, but research into psychic abilities continues in the private sector, and one of the scientists on the cutting edge is featured this week on

Radin earned advanced degrees in both electrical engineering and psychology, worked for prestigious companies and labs, and has spent decades trying to measure psychic abilities.

Radin says the evidence is overwhelming that humans can use their minds to influence physical matter. So if the evidence is that strong, why aren’t more scientists on board?

“The question is,” Radin says, “how come our scientific theories aren’t good enough yet to be able to describe these in scientific terms? And the answer to that is very simple. It’s the same reason we don’t have a very good explanation for consciousness, or until recently for things like why anesthesia works.”

“There are a lot of mysteries that science hasn’t caught up to yet,” he says.

Who among us has these abilities? Can they be harnessed and taught? Radin did his own research and is familiar with classified government investigations as well.

An in-depth interview with one of the world’s foremost investigators of psychic abilities, Dr. Dean Radin, on

An in-depth interview on

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