The underground ark to save humanity the government never built

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Coronavirus pandemic: A study by a federal panel found that a flu pandemic could wipe out tens of millions of Americans within days. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, circumstances are less severe, but people are worried. One way to ensure that civilization could survive a pandemic or other global catastrophe is to build a pandemic center, a safe haven for selected people with certain skills so that society could rebuild. Investigative reporter George Knapp says one proposal has already been on the table. Originally aired March 29, 2012, on KLAS TV in Las Vegas.

A diagram shows an underground “ark” proposed at the Nevada National Security Site.

MYSTERY WIRE — The coronavirus is dominating headlines and public attention all over the world. Scientists have long warned that the US is unprepared for a deadly pandemic.

One ambitious idea proposed a few years ago was to build an underground ark, of sorts, a safe haven in the event of a biological weapon or plague-like pandemic. It would house 5,000 humans with various skill sets at all times. They could emerge later when the threat subsides and could rebuild civilization. It was the brainchild of space entrepreneur Robert Bigelow, who commissioned a detailed study and drew up plans.

“By having research labs underground that could survive a pandemic attack and be recovered after that attack is over,” explains Troy Wade, a former Nevada Test Site scientist. “That would be enormous if we were to do something like that.”

The proposed underground “ark” was one of several proposals considered by the agencies that operate what was once America’s atomic testing site.

So what became of the idea? The exclusive story is on

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