Uncovering the mystery of the Bosnian pyramids

Mystery Wire

MYSTERY WIRE — Ancient civilizations around the world built pyramids in Egypt, China, Central America … but the oldest of them all might be in Europe.

Photos show the Valley of the Pyramids in Bosnia. They look like mountains, but are the product of a massive engineering program, according to the PhD archaeologist who has spent more than a decade as the principal investigator. He says evidence shows they are not only the largest of all the pyramids, but also the oldest.

This can be radiocarbon dated and calibrated to date, or range of 14 to 15%, more than 33,600 years, the oldest pyramids on the planet.

Dr. Semir “Sam” Osmanagich – Archaeologist

Other archaeologists are skeptical, but Dr. Osmanagich has the support of Bosnia’s president. The valley is now the most active archaeology site anywhere.

The story of the Bosnian Pyramids. An interview with the chief scientist now studying them, on mysterywire.com.

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