WOODBURN, Ore. (KOIN) — Ten years ago a bomb planted by two anti-government militants exploded outside a West Coast bank branch in Woodland, killing Woodburn Police Captain Tom Tennant and Oregon State Police Trooper Bill Hakim.

On Wednesday, city leaders dedicated a memorial to those who lost their lives and destroyed a sense of safety in Woodburn.

The hope for the memorial is that it will highlight the valor of both Tennant and Hakim and of those who helped in the aftermath. It is also hoped the memorial will serve as a reminder that a community can heal after their loved ones were killed trying to prevent harm to others.

The bombing on December 12, 2008 began with a threatening phone call the led police to find a box in the bushes outside the West Coast Bank on Highway 214. 

OSP Trooper Hakim and Captain Tennant, along with then-Police Chief Scott Russell, brought it inside the bank. Hakim, a bomb expert, began dismantling the box when it blew up, killing both he and Tennant. Russell was critically hurt and wounded bank employee Laurie Perkett.

Bruce and Josh Turnidge, a father and son from the Salem area, were convicted of aggravated murder and are now on death row. During the 3-month long trial in 2010, prosecutors told the jury that the Turnidges feared President Barack Obama would take away their rights to guns and that they were in need of cash.

At the Wednesday ceremony, the memorial reminded the community of the tragedy and the community bond afterwards.

“Tom Tennant and Bill Hakim in different time and locations swore basically the same oath, to protect and serve our community,” former Woodburn Mayor Kathy Figley said. “While they lost their lives 10 years ago, they do so by keeping their promise.”

The new memorial is off I-5 in Woodburn, along Hwy 214 just off Tom Tennant Drive at the Woodburn Memorial Transit Center. 

Their widows and children attended the ceremony along with dozens of local and state police plus many first responders.