2 guns among items stolen from SE Portland couple


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Someone broke into a Southeast Portland couple’s home while they were at work Thursday, getting away with both valuable and sentimental items.

Sorcha Porter and Matthew Holmes said the thief got in through a back window and ransacked the house before taking off with a number of items — including two guns. 

“This air conditioning unit was outside on the ground,” Sorcha said. “We saw footprints on the desk here, you can see where the forensics team dusted.”

A computer was taken from the desk and the TV was stolen right off the wall.

“They actually walked straight out the front door,” Sorcha said. 

That’s how they first noticed something wasn’t right. Then Sorcha realized what else was missing — a ring her parents bought for her 10th birthday, a heart-shaped necklace Matthew gave her for Valentine’s Day and a pearl necklace from her grandparents.

“The heartbreak of I’m never going to get my great-grandma’s pearl necklace back, I’m never going to get the necklace my grandparents bought me for my 16th birthday back,” Sorcha said. “Those are things that are attached to memories.”

The stolen guns were an antique pistol and a rifle that was a gift from Sorcha’s dad.

“It was my great-grandpa’s revolver and the shotgun her dad gave me for my birthday,” Matthew said. 

Thankfully, the couple had locked their dog, Zumie, in a bedroom before leaving that day. 

“At the end of the day, the most important thing is we are safe and our pets are safe,” Sorcha said. 

They plan to install a security system in their house to prevent any future break-ins.

Sorcha and Matthew Porter's home was broken into and items, including sentimental jewelry and guns were stolen. (KOIN) 

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