PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Week 3 of clean up on the Springwater Trail has crews working in both the Oaks Bottom and Beggars Tick areas.

And what they found in Beggars Tick might surprise people. Crews will soon be busy dismantling a two-story treehouse built by homeless in the area.

Work crews came through last week and cleared out a lot of the campers. Even so, there are still areas that have to be cleaned up, including the treehouse camp. The structure is right off one of the trails.

As homeless camps go, this one’s a bit of a humdinger. It’s built into a small grove of trees on a couple different levels.

The ladder to the structure is now laying a few yards away from the treehouse.

Ditra Schmer camps right across the street from Beggars Tick, but she knows all about the treehouse.

While in use, the structure had a reel-to-reel tape player, coffee tables and truck tires turned into seats. It even had a fireplace.

“We watched it being built. We watched them haul in the wood. We watched them bring in the tools. My grandkids watched them all summer long building that thing. They lived in it, and it was pretty immaculate. I believe it had a fireplace in it, and they actually burned wood in it. I mean, it was pretty neat,” Schmer said.

That fireplace is in the living space on the second level, and it’s anchored in the air with lots of lumber and nails.

“It was all pallets they dragged in, just lots of wood. They literally dragged them in on tarps,” Schmer said.

She continued, “It was just this year that it started. I believe it started in May, and they were just living in it up until two weeks ago, I think.”

Schmer said she knows who built the camp, but she won’t say who.

“It’s upsetting. It’s a landmark down here. They should’ve just left it there,” she said.