PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The Humane Society for Southwest Washington is now caring for 94 rabbits following their rescue from a Vancouver residence.

The rabbits’ owner handed them over to Clark County Animal Control who aided HSSW with the rescue mission and beginning of the adoption process.

Aside from a few minor injuries and diagnoses of upper respiratory infections, the rabbits are in good health. The ages range from rabbit kits at only a few days old to fully-grown adult rabbits.

“On a typical day, we can comfortably house 10 to 12 rabbits,” HSSW President Andrea Bruno said. “Rescues of this scale are uncommon in our community, and always place a strain on resources and space. But we are committed to being here for the animals 365 days a year and this case has pushed us to find some new solutions.”  

The HSSW promptly prepared for the rabbits’ arrival. They bought more supplies, found volunteers to temporarily foster the rabbits and rented a climate-controlled trailer that will house many of the rabbits until they find permanent adoptive families.

Of those rescued, 34 of the rabbits are now with foster volunteers. The remaining 60 rabbits are being held in the shelter. According to HSSW, up to 15 rabbits will be spayed or neutered weekly so that they’re available for adoption.

“Ordering supplies and finding space was only the beginning,” Bruno said. “The next steps in this process will take many weeks if not months. We’re fortunate to have amazing foster volunteers and skilled medical and animal care teams to care for the rabbits, and we’ll need the help of our community to find them new homes.”  

The HSSW will be reducing and/or waiving adoption fees starting this weekend to help the rescued rabbits find permanent homes.