VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN 6) — For Abigail Mounce, life is slowly returning to what it used to be.

More than two years ago, Abigail and Erich Mounce moved to a Vancouver neighborhood because it was a good place to raise the kids they plan to have.

“We wanted a neighborhood where people were more concerned about the quality of life,” Erich said.Life changed on Halloween

But changes began after they moved in next door to John Kendall. Kendall refused to obey some of the home owner association rules which ultimately led Erich Mounce to file a lawsuit against Kendall, seeeking to enforce the rules.

On Halloween morning, Oct. 31, 2014, their court case was scheduled. As the Mounces left their house, so did Kendall.

He pulled up alongside them and pulled out what looked “like some kind of AK-47 type automatic weapon” and fired into their car.

At least 17 bullets peppered the Mounce’s new Toyota Camry. Somehow, Erich wasn’t shot, but Abigail was shot twice, once above the ear and once just below the right eye.

Kendall led police on a manhunt — Vancouver police later shot the wrong man as they searched for him — and was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound later that day.Three months later

Abigail Mounce holds her new prosthetic eye made by Fred Harwin of the Center for Ocular Prosthetics, Feb. 6, 2015 (KOIN 6 News)

On Friday, Abigail Mounce took another giant step forward on the road to recovery. She  was in the office of Fred Harwin of the Center for Ocular Prosthetics.

She received her new prosthetic eye.

Each prosthetic eye is “challenging because they’re all unique,” Harwin said.

“This material will not break easily, but it can scratch and it can chip,” he told Abigail as he handed her the prosthetic eye.

He also gave her information that “explains the change from binocular vision to monocular vision. And there’s a lot of changes.”

He worked with Abigail on how to put it in and reminded her to call if “you feel any sharpness in there or anything that’s bothering you.”

“Obviously because I can’t see it I still feel a little weird,  but I’m sure I’ll get used to it,” she told Harwin.

He gave her a present at the end of her visit: a bottle of champagne.

Abigail Mounce looks at her husband, Erich Mounce, Feb. 6, 2015 (KOIN 6 News)

“See what the ribbon says?” he asked her. “It says, ‘Congratulations on your new prosthesis.'”Looking forward

Abigail and Erich Mounce are now able to think about kids again, a family they both wants so much.

She still has to adjust to life with one eye and a plate in her face, but she’s getting better every day.

“I’m really happy, really happy for her,” Erich said. “I think she’s  beautiful.”