PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The tragic shooting that took place in Texas on Tuesday has led to questions about how to keep students and staff safe in the Northwest.

While no one has the answer, improvements are being suggested.

Some school districts had put their active shooter training drills for staff and students on hold during the pandemic, and are only now starting to bring them back.

School districts such as Portland, Beaverton and Salem-Keizer are also starting to see bond money used to make entryways more secure, with monitored and electronically controlled lobby areas and secured check-in areas.

All schools in the area are pleading for funding, not for metal detectors but mental health workers.

As many parents are aware, there is often one school counselor or psychologist who is supposed to help hundreds of students, sometimes even one shared between schools.

As for School Resource Officers, Beaverton still has them on campus, while Portland Public Schools has removed them.

Some school districts had more police patrols around their schools on Wednesday. Saint Helens police reportedly offered extra protection Wednesday to provide reassurance.