PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The potential for a major earthquake in the Pacific Northwest is making national headlines again.

Late last year, a New Yorker article titled “The Really Big One” made waves around the nation examining the potential extent of damage an earthquake could have on Portland. Now, a five-part series in Vice’s Motherboard titled “After the Big One” is gaining momentum.

The first article in the series chronicles what happens a 9.0 Cascadia Subduction quake hits the Portland area.

Author Adam Rothstein writes that a major landslide in the West Hills will be responsible for most of the deaths, and that when the ground stops shaking, Portlanders are going to wake up in a vastly different city.

“All of the facts that are contained within the story come directly from various reports, various stories that have been devised by government agencies trying to think about what will happen,” Rothstein tells KOIN.

The second article in the series called “Neighborhood Emergency” details the rescue efforts. Rothstein says efforts will be mainly by volunteers because, according to his research, there won’t be enough personnel to help everyone.

The articles are fiction but serve as a reminder to everyone in the Pacific Northwest that having an emergency plan in place is imperative.