PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Explosive fires in Canada will send smoke to western Oregon and Washington Saturday, choking out Portland’s sky and reducing air quality.

Poor air quality will likely increase through out the day and continue into Sunday. Time outdoors should be limited this weekend while keeping doors and windows shut. These less than ideal air quality conditions will coincide with warmer temperatures. Highs will climb into the upper 80s to low 90s Saturday afternoon and evening.

This latest warming trend is brief. Slightly cooler conditions return with approaching Hurricane Hilary. That will increase the rain potential east of the Cascades by the end of the weekend. Hurricane Hilary will help to improve Portland’s air quality by the start of next week.

Forecast rainfall totals with what’s left of Hurricane Hilary through Tuesday morning

Rain from what’s left of Hurricane Hilary will be next to none west of the Cascades. Parts of the Oregon border with Idaho will see the greatest amounts of rainfall.

Warmer weekend weather expected in Portland as Hilary cools temperatures back by the start of next week

Oregon and Washington’s weather pattern finally stabilizes by the middle and end of next week. Dry skies and slightly warmer than normal temperatures are expected for much of the new week.