PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — An airplane and fueling station caught on fire Thursday afternoon after the wing of the aircraft clipped a fuel pump cover, causing it to ignite, according to Bend Fire & Rescue.

The $300,000 plane is a total loss, while the loss to the fuel pump system is estimated at $250,000, officials said.

Bend fire crews responded to the fire at the Bend Airport just before 1:45 p.m. Firefighters arrived to find a fueling station covered in flames, with the fire spreading to a plane, officials said.

Fire crews were able to stop the progress of the fire quickly, but because there were concerns about the fuel tanks exploding, Powell Butte Highway was closed briefly, officials said. All air traffic was shut down for three hours.

Officials determined that the aircraft had just finished refueling when the pilot attempted to maneuver around the fueling station but instead clipped the fuel cover. Once the wing ignited, the fuel from the pane spread to the pumps.

“Approximately 180 gallons of fuel was in the aircraft and was still leaking after the fire. Maintenance crews from Leading Edge Aviation worked to secure that leak. All water runoff was contained on site and did not appear to pose any further threat,” said Bend Fire & Rescue.