PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) – Alaska Airlines is speeding up its check-in process by rolling out an electronic bag tag program. 

The electronic bag tags, which will launch later in 2022, will replace the traditional printed tags travelers attach to their bags at the airport. Travelers can activate the electronic tags from anywhere up to 24 hours before their flight. 

To activate the tags, Alaska Airlines app users will need to touch the phone used for check-in to the electronic bag tag. The antenna on the tag will read the information transmitted from the phone and the bag tag’s screen will then display the traveler’s flight information. 

Alaska plans to roll out its electronic bag tag program in several phases. The first phase will be available to 2,500 Alaska Airlines frequent fliers who will begin using the tags in late 2022. Mileage plan members will have the option to purchase the tags in early 2023. 

Another way Alaska Airlines is working to save travelers check-in time is with its new self-bag drop system. These automated bag drop locations allow people to drop off their luggage without waiting for an employee to do so. 

The systems weigh luggage and makes sure it’s an appropriate size. 

Alaska first launched the self-bag drop system at San Jose International Airport and found it saved travelers a little more than 4 minutes in their check-in process. 

Alaska Airlines posted a video online demonstrating how both the electronic bag tags and the self-bag drop system work.