PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As of this week, 100% of the state is drought free!

According to the US Drought Monitor, it’s the first time since October 2011 the entire state has been drought free. Just 5 months ago (in early October), 100% of the state was “abnormally dry” with 50% of the state in moderate drought.

Since October 1st (the start of the water year) PDX has picked up 35.67” of rain. That’s 11.96” above average. Portland’s average rainfall for the ENTIRE water year is 36.03”! By the beginning of next week, we’ll have seen more rain than we typically get in an entire water year (and we have almost 7 months to go on the water year)!

PDX has only had 15 completely dry days since January 1st. Only 3 dry days since February 1st!

Mountain snow pack continues to accumulate. Every part of the state has above average snow pack. Check out the year to year comparison (last year vs this year):