PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Firefighters at the Roseburg Fire Department in southern Oregon were treated to a surprise visit from two 6-month-old cheetah cubs on Nov. 8.

The Roseburg Fire Department said that the Wildlife Safari in Winston was taking the cheetahs around the community to “get them acclimated” to the area when they stopped by the fire station Wednesday.

“Firefighters and staff had a couple of surprise visitors this afternoon,” the Roseburg Fire Department shared on social media. “They were elated to meet two new baby cheetahs that the Wildlife Safari staff brought by.”

Wildlife Safari announced the arrival of the new baby cheetahs “Arao” and “Khayam” on its website. The cubs were born on May 9, the wildlife park said. Visitors can visit the cubs in person at the park’s Safari Village.

“These tiny felines are stealing hearts and receiving excellent care at the park,” the Wildlife Safari website states. “They are training to be wildlife ambassadors, sharing the wonders of cheetahs and promoting conservation efforts.”