PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — On the night of Nov. 14, Sgt. Jacob Herr of the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office found an abandoned cat with no tail along Hill Road outside of McMinnville, the sheriff’s office stated on social media.

“While on rural patrol, Sgt. Herr saw some items and a cardboard box in the ditch,” the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office said. “Sgt. Herr saw what he believed to be eyes peering back at him, so he stopped and investigated. Sgt. Herr found this cat, which appears to have been deliberately abandoned in the ditch, along with a food dish, some food, and a blanket.”

The ditch where the cat was found. | YCSO

With no owner identification tags found on scene and no animal shelters open at that hour, Sgt. Herr took the female cat, which the YCSO named “Shadow,” to the sheriff’s office headquarters for the night.

“If you recognize this cat from your neighborhood, or have any information, please let us know,” the YCSO said.

Shadow was later taken to the Homeward Bound Pets Humane Society in McMinnville, where she will be put up for adoption.

Shadow was taken to the YCSO headquarters for the night. | YCSO