PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The rise in respiratory illnesses — COVID, RSV, the flu — has been well documented. But another virus is spiking. Veterinarians are seeing a spike in cases of dog flu.

Dog flu looks similar to when a human gets the flu. Your dog may have a cough, fever, runny nose, gunk in their eyes, sneezing or might not be eating.

A healthy dog temperature could be anything up to 102.5, said Kelsey Reinauer, a certified vet technician at Dove Lewis. She also said the dog flu doesn’t really have a season.

“I think it’s always something you should be aware of. It’s more contagious when you go to those huge traffic dog areas, kennels or dog parks, grooming facilities,” Reinauer said. “If you live in an apartment building with lots of dogs, that automatically makes you more high risk.”

There is a vaccine for your dog to protect them from the flu, which Reinauer highly recommends. But it is not a core vaccine for dogs, so not all veterinarians carry it. Call your vet to find out where your dog can get the vaccine.