PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A pig was safely corralled from SE Division Street after officers tried to lure him with a variety of snacks early Tuesday morning, Portland police said.

Shortly after midnight, PPB said an officer was driving in the area of SE Division Street and SE 138th Avenue when traffic reportedly slowed to veer around a pig hogging the eastbound lanes.

While PPB waited for animal control to arrive, officers tried to wrangle the pig and keep him and passing vehicles from hurting each other.

To calm the pig, authorities said one officer brought crackers, cookies and chips — though the pig was “not a fan of nacho cheese Doritos.”

After several “tense” attempts and the help of seven people, the pig was safely placed in a crate.

PPB said the pig is being referred to as John Doe. They ask anyone who knows the furry animal’s owner to contact Multnomah County Animal Control at 503.988.7387.