PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Two rabid bats were discovered this month – one in Northeast Portland one in Beaverton.

The Multnomah County Health Department and the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services both made announcements about the discoveries on Wednesday.

In Multnomah County, officials said the bat was found after a dog was playing with it. The dog is quarantining for 45 days but is up-to-date on its rabies vaccine and received a booster.

This is the first animal to test positive in the county since September 2014.

According to the county, “rabies is a viral disease of mammals that attacks the nervous system. Rabies symptoms in wildlife include lethargy, walking in circles, loss of muscular coordination, convulsions, irritability or aggressiveness and disorientation.”

Washington County said the rabid bat in Beaverton was found by a homeowner on September 10. A pet that may have been in contact with it is up-to-date on vaccines but is being observed for 45 days.