PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Wildlife officials are warning residents after they received reports of “aggressive” deer in multiple communities across Jackson and Josephine counties.

In Gold Hill, just northwest of Medford, officials say a doe attacked and killed someone’s dog earlier in July. Most of the reports, however, are coming from Ashland, according to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Officials say the “problem areas” in Ashland are between North Mountain Avenue and Oak Street north of Highway 99. Just outside the Southern Oregon University campus is being affected by the aggressive deer, too, ODFW indicated.

Medford, Eagle Point and Grants Pass have also been dealing with the pushy fauna. ODFW suggested it could be because at this point in the year, black-tailed does in the Rogue Valley are raising their fawns and will protect them against any perceived threat.

Bucks can be aggressive year-round, wildlife officials said, but are more likely to act out from October to November.

ODFW recommends people in the area to take these precautions:

  • Don’t approach deer.
  • Keep pets on a leash.
  • Don’t pick up fawns or get near them as their mothers are very protective. Does may go off to forage on their own and leave their babies behind in the meantime.
  • Don’t feed wildlife. Officials say it gets them too comfortable around people and leads them to be less afraid and more aggressive.
  • Remain vigilant, especially around sunrise and sunset.

Those dealing with aggressive deer can report it by calling ODFW’s Central Point office at 541.826.8774.