PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Remember the large tortoise who was found wandering around Washington County earlier this week? Good news — he’s been reunited with his family!

Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter told KOIN 6 News the owners of the tortoise — aptly named Tranquil Tank (Tranq for short) — came to retrieve him on Friday. The shelter says the owners were alerted by a neighbor who had emailed them a Petfinder post.

They say the 46 lbs sulcata tortoise managed to escape by digging his way out of their yard.

According to Stacy Beckley, a spokesperson for the shelter, Tranquil Tank was found by community members who were on their way to a skate park.

“When they arrived in our parking lot, we were surprised to see them trying to wheel in this heavy tortoise towards the building on a skateboard,” Beckley wrote in an email. Thankfully, the good Samaritans were eventually able to carry him into the shelter.

Much to the KOIN newsroom’s disappointment, we have not seen any video or photos of the tortoise on a skateboard.

“We’re thrilled he’s back with his people,” Beckly said.