PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A robust clubhook squid — the third largest squid species — recently washed ashore in Neskowin.

The Seaside Aquarium said the squid was found by Debi Tribe and her daughter Cami Hildum — who then contacted the aquarium.

According to the aquarium, it’s about 9 feet in length and a male. The beak was already gone, but a few tissue samples were taken and will be sent to Alaska to further study the diet of sperm whales.

This is the second clubhook squid that has washed ashore in recent weeks. The first was found just south of Cannon Beach near Silver Point on July 27.

Clubhook squids can reach a total length of 12 feet. The two larger species are the colossal squid and the giant squid — both of which can exceed lengths great than 30 feet.