PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The ballgame is now in extra innings.

“Baseball’s Magna Carta” will stay on display at the Oregon Historical Society for one extra week, through Sunday, October 16.

Daniel “Doc” Adams drafted baseball’s original rules in 1856. That document plus one from the following year are on display in this exhibit.

Baseball’s Magna Carta at the Oregon Historical Society

That 1857 meeting in New York changed forever the way baseball was played, and visitors will see hand-written notes made by the people at that meeting 159 years ago.

Among the rules changed at that time: each team had 9 players, basepaths were 90 feet apart and set the regulation game to 9 innings.

That document, the “Laws of Base Ball,” is on display at the Oregon Historical Society.

The Oregon Historical Society is open 7 days a week.