WASHINGTON CO., Ore. (KOIN) — A Washington County man and his companion “Bird” may have the best mugshot of all time.

Craig Buckner, 38, was booked into jail Monday, but he wasn’t alone. His companion mackaw was right there with him as he took a mugshot you won’t soon forget.

According to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Buckner didn’t think he’d be at the courthouse very long and put “Bird” in a tree on the grounds to wait for him.

But things took longer than expected and Buckner reportedly became very concerned for the well-being of his 4-year-old mackaw friend.

Deputies said “Bird” was very well-trained and wouldn’t leave the tree for anyone other than his owner. Buckner was escorted out of the courthouse to retrieve “Bird” from the tree and brought him inside to the booking area where he was cared for.

A friend eventually came to pick up “Bird” while Buckner finished his court appearance.

“Our sheriff’s office has very strong core values of doing the right thing,” Deputy Shoana McKelvey, who cared for “Bird”, said in a press release. “Mr. Buckner was already in a stressful position and did not need the additional stress and worry of his loved pet, Bird!”

McKelvey said bringing “Bird” and his owner together brought her joy.

Buckner lives in Vernonia and owns a cannabis plantation, according to Facebook.