WASHINGTON, (NEXSTAR) — Right now, Democrats and Republicans are ramping up efforts to regulate tech giants they say are operating like monopolies but the push faces an uphill battle.

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., says big tech is an issue that will affect every American. He says the Senate is advancing legislation to prevent big tech companies like Google, Amazon or Apple from promoting their content over smaller competitors.

“Consumers should have a choice,” said Durbin.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., is one of five Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee who voted to push the bill forward. He says that big tech companies are preventing healthy competition.

“Congress should have acted years ago,” he said.

Hawley says he’d like to see even more aggressive legislation.

“I think these monopoly-size companies ought to be broken up,” said Hawley.

The bipartisan bill is just one of several proposals designed to clamp down on big tech’s power.

Carl Czabo, vice president of NetChoice, which represents some companies like Google and Amazon, calls the effort a distraction cooked up by Democrats.

“To shift the focus of Americans away from the troubles in the economy to pinning all the blame on business,” Czabo said.

Czabo says the federal government already has the power “to go after any business that has market power, abuses that market power and leads to consumer harm.”

So far, the Biden administration has not endorsed any specific bills but it is taking steps of its own.

This week, the Federal Trade Commission announced plans for new guidelines to stop large companies, especially in the tech industry, from merging into potential monopolies.