Bikers upset as tacks found on Hawthorne Bridge


PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN 6) — Somebody is at it again. On Monday, cyclists found thumb tacks on Portland’s busiest bike bridge.

Bike riders say someone intentionally scattered them on the Hawthorne Bridge for the second time in two weeks. And cyclists will tell you, they’re also being attacked online.

In a recent online article, an independent travel writer called Portland’s cyclists “entitled grade-a douchebags” and said drivers fantasize about regularly running them off the road.

The city’s bike authority called it an insensitive idea in America’s most bike-friendly city.

Local bike repairman Joshua Byrant showed only KOIN6 the tacks he says three bike riders found in their tires Monday.

Someone also deliberately scattered them in the bridge’s westbound bikeway last Tuesday. Bryant said it’s only a $13 repair, but the repeated attack could be life-threatening if a rider lost control on a flat tire.

“If we were to attack other things, then it might get looked into a little bit more,” said Bryant. “It’s just bicyclists are somewhat low on the totem pole sometimes.”

Last week, an officer told KOIN 6 News no one had and officers said no one had and that makes it harder to investigate the misdemeanor crime.

“That’s someone’s mom, dad, son or daughter,” said Jonathan Maus, the editor of “It’s not a joke.”

In a December 29, 2014 article, the travel website Matador Network ranked Portland experiences. Number 4 on the list was “Daydreaming about driving cyclists off the road.” The writer said they need to be reminded drivers have the power.

“He’s basically encouraging people to do criminal activity and commit violence on another person,” said Maus. “If they want to stand behind free speech on that, I don’t think they’re going to sleep too well at night.”

Maus respectfully asked Matador Network to delete the item. The online publication has reportedly replied to angry cyclists online, but they haven’t responded to several of KOIN 6 News interview requests.

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