PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Rep. Earl Blumenauer, who has long advocated in the halls of Congress for legalizing marijuana and reforming the banking laws around legal pot, now has a political action committee to take on anti-pot legislators.

The Cannabis Fund is just one of the PACs aiming to swing votes toward pro-pot candidates and policies. The last time the Cannabis Fund reported its financial dealings it had $2000 in contributions.

But Blumenauer plans to use whatever money from the PAC to defeat lawmakers who stand in the way of pro-pot policies — like Rep. Pete Sessions, a Texas Republican.

Sessions has blocked efforts to change laws and funds surrounding medical marijuana for veterans.

Blumenauer has stated the PAC will target Sessions in his own district when the time is right.On his website, Blumenauer writes:

“It is time for Congress and the Administration to face the facts surrounding marijuana, its use and regulation, and develop a legislative framework that accounts for the inevitable transition of marijuana policy – one that is already well under way. Federal marijuana policy should be modernized to reduce confusion, uncertainty, and conflicting government priorities. Maintaining the status quo creates an inconsistent legal environment that wastes law enforcement resources and misses out on potential tax revenues.”