PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Veteran’s Day is Saturday and one local business is giving back by offering military brides a free wedding dress.

Brides for a Cause shop on Southeast 11th Avenue has just about every type of wedding gown — from brand new to only worn once. The non-profit sells the dresses at majorly discounted prices.

Founder Erin Scharf said, “I think a lot of people donate it because they want it to get used again. On flip side, brides are looking for a dress, weddings get expensive. A lot of people don’t mind a once worn dress.”

Starting Monday, the bridal shop hopes to give dresses away for free to a special group of women — first responders, women in the military or women with a fiance in the military who’ve had a deployment within the last 5 years.

“We get military brides coming in and a lot of times, they’re getting married in a week or in a month, so it’s nice it is off the rack and if someone finds out they’re getting deployed, they can come in, find a dress and they’re done,” Scharf said.

Military brides have the next 2 weeks to search for their dream dress at Brides for a Cause. If they don’t find something they like at first, they can come back as the bridal shop is constantly getting shipments from retailers across the country.

Both retailers and recent brides donate dresses to the local shop.

This is the 4th time Brides for a Cause has done this in connection with Brides Across America, and they want to see as many of these dresses go as possible.

“We definitely want to give away as many as we can, so spread the word if you know someone who’s in the military or know someone,” Scharf said. “We’ve donated about 40, so not a whole lot, so 10-15 each time we do it.”

While the bridal shop is giving away free dresses for the next 2 weeks, military brides receive a 20% discount at Brides for a Cause all year long.