VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — A burglar ran into some trouble early Sunday morning and ended up calling 911 when he couldn’t find his way out of an escape room in Vancouver.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office responded to NW Escape Experience looking for the burglar who broke in. However, the burglar — when he called 911 — said his home was being broken into and gave a fake address.

He reportedly took a cell phone, TV remote and a beer from the fridge prior to calling authorities.

“The sheriff said he had a burrito and he was settling in to have a breakfast and a beer I guess and then got scared because he couldn’t get out,” Rob Bertrand, owner of NW Escape Experience, said.

The burglar had broken the back door trying to get in — and couldn’t remember where the other door was. Apparently, turning to authorities for an escape, at the time, seemed like the right thing to do.

“But we started thinking about it and yeah, it’s really funny,” Bertrand said. “I’m proud to say I’m the only escape room in the Northwest that has a 100% capture rate of criminals.”

While the burglar called authorities for help, he managed to eventually get out. Deputies said they found him lurking around the strip mall.

The suspected burglar was later identified as Rye Daniel Wardlaw. He was arrested after authorities interviewed him and had evidence linking him to the burglary. He faces a charge of 2nd-degree burglary.

Despite the ordeal, NW Escape Experience was back to normal on Tuesday where paying customers choose from several themed rooms to try and escape from.