PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — The new owners of Alpenrose Dairy have a new fleet of trucks and drivers to deliver milk the old-fashioned way. 

Milk delivery trucks haven’t been seen in Portland for more than a generation — before now. But the new owner, John Keller, is committed to the return of home delivery and it couldn’t come at a better time as people avoid public places amid the pandemic. 

The dairy’s new General Manager Josh Reynolds said the return of delivery trucks will be a nod to the past when home delivery was the way many people got their milk. 

“There is tremendous nostalgia for the service and if you look at our social media feed people are responding — ‘Oh they bring out their old box they held on to,’” Reynolds said. 

The dairy may be throwing it back, but their home delivery service still features modern amenities like online ordering and one box for multiple orders. 

“It’s still grilling season so Zenner’s [Sausage Company] is our sausage supplier when possible it’s local first,” said Reynolds. 

Alpenrose Dairy delivers locally-made grocery items like sausage and Tillamook cheese and, unlike the old days, the delivery driver assembles the orders on the back bumper of a refrigerated truck and drops off items insulated new boxes that stay at the home. The driver will replenish the boxes wherever a customer stores them, including a garage as long as a code is provided. 

Alpenrose home delivery

Time may have passed since the golden era of milk delivery but one thing has remained the same: dogs still bark at the deliverer. Alpenrose drivers hand out dog biscuits to their customers’ canines. 

Keller said their customers are liking what they see. 

“Now they’re seeing it again and it’s just that feeling of nostalgia and enthusiasm from it and then they’re talking about the old boxes they had and the color schemes,” he said. 

The dairy’s new owners have retouched the Alpenrose logo and their new service is off to a strong start with 3,000 new home delivery customers in the Portland metro area in just four weeks since they launched the service. 

Their goal is to continue being the hometown dairy of choice and to also become the top grocery delivery service. 

Alpenrose Dairy delivers in the Portland and Vancouver areas, including Ridgefield, Wilsonville, Hillsboro and Troutdale.