PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — As the novel coronavirus and its response brings untold health and economic damage across the nation, some Portland-area restaurants and businesses are sadly saying farewell for good.

Below is a list of businesses that have closed during the pandemic, which KOIN 6 News will continually update with the latest information.

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Bluehour has served cocktails and bites to eat from their location in the Pearl on NW 13th Avenue for the last 20 years. On Monday, the owner Bruce Carey wrote on Facebook that he is closing the business because reopening just isn’t feasible economically.

Sanborn’s Breakfast Restaurant

After over 15 years, Sanborn’s Breakfast Restaurant in Southeast Portland has permanently closed its doors, according to a Facebook post from its official page and signed by owner Rebecca Sanborn. The restaurant was known for breakfast staples like Eggs Benedict, huevos rancheros, and corned beef hash. It was also Portland’s premiere destination for both fruit-filled and savory German Pancakes.

Le Bistro Montage

Le Bistro Montage announced on their Facebook page that it will be permanently closing. Having served in the Rose City for the past 27 years, its Southeast Portland location was known for its late night hours, oyster shots, jambalaya and macaroni and cheese, Eater PDX reports. They closed due to financial struggles with COVID-19.

Milwaukie’s Bomber Restaurant

The landmark Bomber restaurant in Milwaukie is closing its doors after being open since the late 40s. For nearly 70 years an actual WWII bomber was mounted outside. The Bomber restaurant attracted WWII veterans who told their stories and brought in memorabilia.

It was known for its bacon and biscuits, among other items. Art Lacey, who owned The Bomber restaurant, bought the surplus plane in 1947 from an air base in Oklahoma — winning a $5 bet that he could do it. The owners said that while they are closing down the restaurant, they are hoping to reopen the catering business soon.

The Bomber restaurant in Milwaukie is closing its doors after more than 70 years of service. June 20, 2020 (KOIN)

Irving Street Kitchen

The Pearl District’s Irving Street Kitchen, known for their fried chicken and other casual Southern food and community events, has closed permanently due to COVID-19 and a landlord dispute, PDX Eater reports. The restaurant had been on the Portland food scene for 10 years as a model of fin-dining in their district, with cocktails, wine programs and multiple course dinners.

Pok Pok

Pok Pok restaurant Chef Andy Ricker announced he would be permanently closing four locations “so that the original Pok Pok on Division Street may have a chance of reopening when it is sage and financially tenable to do so.

The restaurant chain known for its Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches and other food of Thailand and Southeast Asia will be permanently closing down its stores: Pok Pok NW, Whiskey Soda Lounge, Pok Pok Wing NE and Pok Pok Wing SW.

Altabira City Tavern, Citizen Baker, Nel Centro, Pullman Winebar & Merchant, Tanner Creek Tavern

The restaurateur David Machado announced on his website that all five of his Portland restaurants will be closed until further notice due to “the government mandate to safeguard the health and safety of our employees and our community.” Machado had been a restaurateur in the Rose City for the past 17 years. That includes Pullman Winebar & Merchant, Tanner Creek Tavern, Altabira City Tavern, Citizen Baker and Nel Centro.

Clyde Common

Clyde Common, a downtown Portland staple for local eats for 13 years, announced they will close the business in its current form, but their website states they plan to re-open as a dual-faceted Clyde Tavern and Common Market. The tavern will be on the bar side of their original space, with the market side offering counter-serve dishes for pick-up or delivery.

Arleta Library Bakery Cafe

Southeast Portland’s Arleta Library Bakery Cafe announced its permanent closure on its website. The owner told KOIN 6 News the space is too small to eventually reopen under social distancing requirements. The cafe was previously featured on the television show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

Wong’s King Seafood

Wong’s King Seafood in Southeast Portland, known for its dim sum and seafood, has closed for good after 15 years, the Oregonian reported. It was known as a bar-setting restaurant in the city and was even ranked third in a 2010 Top 100 Restaurants in the USA list by Chinese Restaurant News magazine, according to the Oregonian.

Giraffe Goods

Giraffe Goods announced on its website it is now closed. It was a restaurant that specialized in Japanese food-to-go and sold kitchen wares, desk goods, pantry items, gifts and more located in the Cargo department store in Southeast Portland. According to Eater PDX, it had been open a little over a year and was known for it’s Instagram-popular egg salad sandwiches.


Blackheart, the restaurant and bar in Southeast Portland, announced “with a heavy heart” its closure on a post on its official Facebook page. Eater PDX reports that co-owner Justin King is looking for a new place to reopen.


Noraneko, the Southeast Portland ramen shop, has closed its doors for good, the Oregonain reported. The restaurant owners previously ran the influential izakaya, Biwa, which closed in 2018.

Joe’s Crab Shack in Vancouver, WA

Joe’s Crab Shack on Vancouver’s waterfront has permanently closed, its parent company Landry’s Inc. announced, according to The Columbian. The popular eatery was confirmed to have closed because of the elimination of dine-in services at the time.

Off the Waffle — Portland

Off the Waffle, a Eugene, Oregon-based franchise, has permanently closed its Southeast Portland location because of the coronavirus pandemic, according to The Register-Guard. The waffle spot known for its liège waffles and its recently opened sister restaurant, Theseburgers, is still open in Eugene.

Blue Star Donuts

UPDATE 06/09/2020 08:10 PM: Blue Star Donuts is the pastry shop that turned an everyman’s treat into an upscale experience with its brioche buns and fancy flavors. A total of four of their Portland area stores have now permanently closed including its flagship downtown Portland location on Southwest Morrison Street, its NW 23rd Ave. store, its Multnomah Village location in Southwest Portland, and its location at Beaverton’s Progress Ridge Townsquare. According to a Facebook post by the company, there are still two locations open, one in Southeast Portland on Division Street and another at Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California.

Many of its Portland stores are still listed on its website, but indicate being temporarily closed, including at the airport, South Waterfront in South Portland, and one location in North Portland on North Mississippi Avenue. In addition, you can now find their iconic snacks in several grocery stores.

Ichidai Japanese Restaurant

Ichidai Japanese Restaurant in Southeast Portland was an understated sushi house that served classic rolls and other Japanese dishes before permanently closing its doors. The restaurant’s chef and owner Akihiro Hirakiuchi explained on its website that they shut down after weeks of temporary closure, but he plans to create a next venture that is safe and comfortable for customers in the future.

Liberty Glass

Liberty Glass in North Portland was a refurbished two story house where patrons enjoyed quality food, alcohol and music. Though it enjoyed success for over 11 years, the bar posted to its Instagram page that it has closed permanently surrounding the uncertainty of the pandemic.

Tanker Bar

Tanker Bar on Southeast Hawthorne Blvd. has shuttered its doors permanently, an Instagram post by the bar stated. It had been a watering hole known to play all the Blazers and Timbers games as well as offering beers in tallboys and old-school arcade games.

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Sparrows Coffeehouse

Sparrows Coffeehouse in Southeast Portland has permanently closed its doors due to financial strains related to COVID-19, according to a Facebook post from its official page. The specialty coffee roaster was known for its coffee, tea breakfast bagels and pastries. In the Facebook post, the owner invited those interested in purchasing the coffee online to direct message the official page.

Prosperity Pie Shoppe

The Prosperity Pie Shoppe in Southwest Portland was co-located with a financial empowerment business called Sacred Money Studios. However, the eatery had to close its doors and even raised funds to pay off debts related to the business, such as payroll, according to a GoFundMe page from late March. The crowdfunding was successful, but the business is sadly permanently closed.

Helser’s on Alberta

Helser’s on Alberta is closing its doors after more than 15 years in Northeast Portland, it announced on its official Facebook page in late April. The breakfast staple cited an uncertain path forward amid “challenging” times. Helser’s was known for its family recipes, like buttermilk pancakes, and other American food.

Other businesses

Cuddle Up To Me

Cuddle Up To Me is closing its doors for good at its current Northeast Portland location on NE Halsey Street, though the owner said the organization is planning to find a new space when they determine how to provide their service more safely amid the ongoing pandemic. The professional cuddle studio began in Portland more than seven years ago and previously hosted Portland’s 2015 Cuddle Convention.

Though their studio is closed, the business will still offer park sessions throughout the summer and outbound sessions through the owner Samantha Hess’ Patreon

Geneva’s Shear Perfection

The landmark Northeast Portland barbershop Geneva’s Shear Perfection has closed its doors permanently. It was a touchstone of Portland’s African American community. Owner Paul Knauls is known as the “Mayor of Northeast Portland” and was a host to many famous entertainers, athletes and dignitaries at the salon and his previously owned night clubs.

The Portland Game Store

UPDATE 05/28/2020 5:00 PM : The Portland Game Store on North Killingsworth St. will not be closing its doors, but transferring to new owners, per a post on the store’s official Facebook page.

ORIGINAL POST: The Portland Game Store on North Killingsworth St. announced on its Facebook page that it would be shuttering its doors after nearly five years in business. It was a tabletop gaming destination that carried a selection of board games, role playing games, collectible card games, miniatures and game accessories. It also boasted a play space featuring draft beer, cider, and food selections.

Things From Another World — Portland location

Things From Another World is a Oregon comic book and collectible store chain. The company’s official Facebook page announced its Beaverton and Milwaukie locations will be open starting May 27, while heeding social distancing. In that same post, the company announced it’s in the process of shutting down its Northeast Portland location effective June 19. The company says it wants to reopen in Portland with an expanded location sometime in the future.

Hank’s Boots and Workwear

Hank’s Boots and Workwear in Northeast Portland declared “with much sadness” that they have permanently closed, according to its official Facebook page. The iconic small business was known for its selection of Carhartt, Prison Blues, Ben Davis clothing and carrying work boot brands such as Timberland, Wolverine, Carolina and more.

Yoga Union Community Wellness Center — Breathe Building

Yoga Union Community Wellness Center in Southeast Portland had to close down its Breathe Building–the business’ physical meeting space–according to its website FAQ page. The website stated the building is no longer accessible to the business, for legal and financial reasons, after Oregon’s COVID-19 response shuttered its doors. However the business also said it hopes to reopen at some other location in the future and it is continuing an online subscription service for clients to participate in virtual yoga classes for $25 per month.

Editor’s note: Beast restaurant of Northeast Portland was previously on this list. Owner Naomi Pomery emailed KOIN 6 News and said the restaurant is not closing, but changing their model. She added that they were never closing. We regret the error.