PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — A Southeast Portland family got quite a shock on their doorbell camera when they watched thieves take off with a hard-to-miss item: a life-sized statue of the character Mini-Me from the Austin Powers comedy franchise.

The Portland family tells KOIN 6 News they were thinking of getting rid of the statue but didn’t imagine it happening like this.

“When I played back the video it was a bit unsettling. These random strangers are hanging out on our porch. They’re looking around and then they go for the Mini-Me of all things and sort of scurried away into their car and drove off,” George Kapllani said. “We first started laughing and then it hit us. It’s a bit unsettling they’re inches away from your front door staking the place around, it was a bit weird.”

The family said there is some irony that “Mini-Me” was returning to a life of crime.