PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — City Commissioner Dan Ryan’s office confirmed to KOIN 6 he is opposed to the charter commission’s proposal to reform the Portland’s government.

A proposed reform would get rid of the five member commission-style of government currently in place and create a 12 member city council, in addition to having ranked-choice voting and a city manager. The mayor would not have veto power but would serve as a tie-breaking vote.

Ryan previously blamed the system currently in place for his inability to quickly open tiny-house villages for homeless people. Ryan has also expressed concerns about the proposal.

Commissioner Mingus Mapps also expressed some concern over charter reforms in late June. Despite supporting the idea of changing the city’s charter, Mapps said there are too many changes lumped together to vote on in the plan, rather than asking voters to decide on each suggested change.

Earlier this month, a Multnomah County judge ruled the proposal can advance to this November’s ballot.