PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — Portland City Commissioner Mingus Mapps announced Tuesday that he is endorsing Rene Gonzalez in the city council race.

In his statement, Mapps addresses current issues that the city is facing from fentanyl and puts the blame on current officials who are unwilling to “face the truth and act”

“This election will determine whether we will recover quickly or continue to struggle,” Mapps said. “It is time to put ideology aside and elect people who will fight for Portland. I need colleagues who use debate, reason, and logic to solve our many crises. I need colleagues who understand that public safety is the foundation for a healthy city. I need colleagues who value our city employees despite the color of their uniforms. We can disagree, argue, and debate while still valuing our public servants.”

This endorsement comes a month after the Portland Fire Union voted to endorse Gonzalez over the incumbent candidate Jo Ann Hardesty.

Mapps points to Gonzalez’s history with advocacy, business, and law as part of his reasoning for endorsing him.

“He has the temperament, nuance, and compassion to address problems and collaborate with his colleagues. We need to work together to bring peace to Portland. Vote for Rene Gonzalez this November.”

Hardesty responded to the endorsement saying she isn’t surprised by the news.

“This is the least surprising move since Mapps promised to return a $15,000 donation from the Police Union and flip-flopped into keeping it. If Portlanders want another politician to protect the status quo, fail to produce a significant achievement, and follow the orders of millionaires, then Mapps and Rene are your guys,” she wrote in a statement.

Willamette Week reported in June 2020 that Mapps had accepted a $15,000 in-kind donation from the Portland police union.