PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) — For the second time, the Portland City Council voted to put Terminal 1 up for sale, this time in a unanimous vote.

The 14.5-acre industrial property in Northwest Portland is owned by the Bureau of Environmental Services.

The original sale had been put on hold when the council voted 3-to-2 to lease the site to the Portland Housing Bureau for a temporary homeless shelter and potential permanent homeless multiservice center.

Commissioner Nick Fish, who oversees the BES, said they already have a commercial broker who will manage the process of selling it.

“We’ll be soliciting offers that are responsive to what we’re looking for, which is someone that intends to continue to operate within an industrial context and wants to grow good middle income jobs in our community,” Fish told KOIN 6 News.

Fish said the sale of Terminal 1 is beneficial to “the rate payers who ultimately own this property.” He pointed out Terminal 1 is no longer needed by the city, will sell it when the market is near an all-time high and turn the proceeds, as much as $10 million, back to the rate payers.

Both he and Commissioner Dan Saltzman said the issue of a homeless shelter is still needed. But Fish said “they just want to decouple that from Terminal 1 North.”

Saltzman, who proposed the idea of using Terminal 1 as a homeless shelter, said he has no regrets over his effort.

“I feel good about trying. I think people come up with different ideas,” Saltzman said. “But it’s still a great idea, one that I support and I think we’ll look elsewhere.”

He added he hopes people like developer Homer Williams — who proposed a plan for Terminal 1 — will continue to think about these issues.

“I know Mayor-elect Wheeler, this is a big priority issue for him, so I think discussions are far from over,” he said. “They may be over with respect to Terminal 1 as a potential location but we need more shelter space, we need more affordable housing, and those issues are still before us.”